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Tadpole Radios is an authorised dealer of Aurora Design technology which is now industry standard for converting radios.

We specialise in upgrading and restoring original classic and vintage car radios. We provide period radios with all the features and sound quality you would expect from a modern sound system. All our “Aurora” conversions are carried out within the original box of the radio, after first removing all original electronics. Modern electronics are then interfaced to the original controls of the radio.

We stock the largest range of converted classic and vintage radios in the UK. We are also able to convert customer supplied radios. Full cleaning, paint resurfacing and warranty are included.

  • You've got a great product

    Radio now back in and what a huge improvement, it's a quantum leap in all respects, radio tuning, functionality re tone and fade, sound quality and power are all vastly superior, and the loudness contouring is a quality touch, have yet to sort Bluetooth, getting too cold and dark!   

    You've got a great product there and deserve every success , very well done to you.

    Gerry Atwell / London

  • Thanks for supplying a great, quality product

    I have just fitted the new stereo (which took about 10 minutes and slotted straight in to where the old one came from-even the 2 retaining screws matched up!) and I am very happy with it. The sound is a vast improvement on the old one and I am amazed at the Bluetooth function. I may invest in a pair of the under seat speakers to further improve the sound.

    Thanks for supplying a great, quality product.

    Francis / Northamptonshire

  • Thank you again for the help

    I just got the the radio installed into the car and I can tell you with much enthusiasm, how happy I am with how it sounds. The instructions made installation a snap and the radio works beautifully and much more easily than I was expecting. 

    The biggest thing that makes me happy, is that it doesn't look like I did anything to change the car, and that is very important to how I'm refurbishing it. Thank you again for the help and the great job you did. It was well worth it. 

    Jimmy Bryant / United States