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Aurora Conversion of  Your Own Supplied Radio
Aurora Conversion of  Your Own Supplied Radio
Aurora Conversion of  Your Own Supplied Radio
Aurora Conversion of  Your Own Supplied Radio
Aurora Conversion of  Your Own Supplied Radio

Product Description

  • 4 Channel amplifier with 45 Watts RMS per channel. 180 Watts RMS Total.
  • Full range Digital Stereo FM and AM tuner.
  • Aurora Latest 3.0 Electronics
  • AUX / IPOD / MP3  connectivity (cable supplied)
  • Electric Aerial output

Audio Equalizer is now included on all FMR-3.0 radios! This feature consists of a three band equalizer, adjustable Loudness control, adjustable Subwoofer gain and Crossover frequency. Now you can adjust the sound of your radio to perfectly match your speakers and vehicle!

Voice Assist HD is standard on all FMR-3.0 radios! The radio will speak in clear English all basic operations such as “Balance Adjust”, “Scanning for Stations”, “WXYZ FM 107.9”, “Right Front Speaker shorted to ground”, etc. This greatly eases radio operation as there is no need to memorize obtuse beep codes or blinking lights.

The Scan feature we pioneered in 2017 was so well received, our customers with manually tuned radios felt left out. No longer! Now even manually tuned radios have the same modern Scan feature as signal seeking radios. This is a great feature to have when you’re on a tour or just looking for something different to listen to.

On signal seeking radios simply press the Seek button twice and the radio will scan to the next station, pause for 8 seconds, and then scan to the next station repeatedly until the scan is stopped. On manually tuned radios, just twist the tuning control twice to the right to scan through the stations!

Tube Emulation Mode allows the FMR-3.0 to mimic the “warm up” and “cool down” of an original tube radio fooling even the most seasoned judge on that concours restoration, or just for that nostalgic feel!

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Aurora Conversion of Your Own Supplied Radio

If your radio has a manual needle which moves across a printed frequency scale we can convert it to our Aurora conversion.

Non working radios aged between 1930-1980 can still be converted as all the original electronics are removed. Mechanical tuners are serviced and repaired as part of the conversion cost.

Radio dial, knobs, buttons, and faceplate would be cleaned and refurbished where appropriate. The original appearance of the radio remains unchanged post conversion.

Please enter all required details on this page and then proceed to cart where we will ask for your personal details and then provide instructions on getting your radio to us safely.