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Highlights of the FMR Connect™ Mobile App

    Full Support for Android and Apple IOS operating Systems

    Enhanced Main Page Features:
        The Main page of the FMR Connect™ App provides comprehensive information.
        Displays active radio band, Bluetooth or USB streaming status, and current song/file name.
        Allows control of basic radio features.

    Radio Control Options:
        For radios with a motorized tuner, users can Seek or Scan to the next station.
        Non-motorized tuners can use the Autotune Scan feature.

    Device Connectivity Highlights:
        Icons highlight connected Classic Bluetooth devices or mounted USB drives.
        Enables easy playback control and access to appropriate controls.

    Voice Assistant Support:
        Icons indicate if a connected Classic Bluetooth device supports Voice Assistants like Siri™ .

    Digital Radio Features:
        For digital radio-equipped installations (e.g., HD™ radio), displays available sub-channels.
        On DAB/DAB+ radios, a dedicated button for setup pages is provided.


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