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Radio Conversion Or Repair

After many years of repairing radios Tadpole Radios moved to radio conversions only. These are some of the reasons why conversion is best.

  1. Cost - some repairs are complex and time consuming. Particularly in the event of printed circuit boards which have degraded over 50 years. Some spares are simply unavailable. Very often the repair cost is greater than the conversion cost.
  2. Warranty – following repair a radio is sent back to the customer. The radio may develop a completely unrelated fault to the first issue due to age and reliability of vintage electronics. This then opens up a warranty debate. If the radio has been converted by Tadpole Radios, the entire radio is covered by a no quibble, one year warranty.
  3. Functionality - Following a repair, the radio will still be the old 5 watt one speaker radio which will be unable to tune in to FM or DAB leaving it to just an ornament in the dashboard.
  4. Future Proofing – The basic building block is our “Aurora Conversion”. If a radio has been converted using this method, the customer can elect to add any of our options at conversion time or a later date. DAB, Bluetooth, USB, Polarity change and any future options all become available.
  5. Originality – This is of utmost importance to us . The look and feel of the radio is not compromised when we convert a radio. All the original controls operate the radio, no extra add on boxes or switches. If required we can even emulate old valves warming up. When first turning on the radio on audio power is gently increased up to 100% over 30 seconds.
  6. Restoration – As all original electronics are removed during conversion, a full restoration of the radio box and front facing controls / face plate is possible. All our converted radios receive a full restoration.
Radiomobile 400T Before Conversion / Restoration
Radiomobile 400T After Conversion / Restoration