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Just want to say thanks for a great product.

Radio arrived yesterday, I fitted it last night, very easily, and the sound from it is terrific. It also looks so correct in my car.

If you want the period look with the modern sound, I would highly recommend this radio.

David Lowrie

The Sound Of Silence by Richard Gunn

While some new cars are now being built with digital radios, and modern cars already on the road can be converted ­ either with a new head unit or by attaching a dash-mounted receiver that connects via a jack socket, USB slot or Bluetooth ­ the issue is more complicated for historic car drivers.

Many drivers take pride in keeping their interiors as period as possible, which means having an original (and working) radio in the centre of the dash. Yet because most old car radios date from well before the digital age, they will either need to be replaced or converted.

There are companies offering solutions, one of which is Tadpole Radios, based in Colchester, Essex. There are only two real ways I see of getting around DAB, said owner Rory Weaver. A permanently-connected jack lead will allow a iPod, digital receiver or similar to be connected to the  radio, and Tadpole also offers a conversion where the original radio is connected to a Sony digital unit hidden away elsewhere in the car, such as in the boot or under a seat. Rory believes he is currently the only supplier in the world offering this DAB conversion for analogue equipment.

The Sony conversion is the more elegant solution as the original look of the radio is retained, with the analogue control internals swapped for digital items, he told CCW. All the features can still be controlled via the classic radio knobs and buttons and Rory is able to convert any car radio from the 1940s to the 1980s, so long as it uses the common layout of two circular volume and tuning knobs plus five push buttons.

Richard Gunn
Magazine Article

Prompt delivery, safely packaged and radio in immaculate condition. 

Five star service. Thanks Tadpoles.


Radio now back in and what a huge improvement, it's a quantum leap in all respects, radio tuning, functionality re tone and fade, sound quality and power are all vastly superior, and the loudness contouring is a quality touch, have yet to sort Bluetooth, getting too cold and dark!   

You've got a great product there and deserve every success , very well done to you   

Gerry Atwell

Very pleased to advise that the radio was delivered today and appears to have travelled well. I will hand it on to the chap who will fit it for me, so much appreciated.

I look forward to having "music where ever I go"!!! 

Thank you,

Allan and Clare
South Australia

Hi Rory,

I have just fitted the new stereo (which took about 10 minutes and slotted straight in to where the old one came from-even the 2 retaining screws matched up!) and I am very happy with it. The sound is a vast improvement on the old one and I am amazed at the Bluetooth function. I may invest in a pair of the under seat speakers to further improve the sound.

Thanks for supplying a great, quality product.

All the best,

Kettering, Northamptonshire

Thank you for you time on the phone yesterday, it is hooked up to an amp and sub woofer and sounds unbelievable - the controls are also better than I imagined.   

Brilliant job mate and thank you again   

All the best 


I've just shown an older friend the demo, and his comment was that it was a brilliant solution!

Telford, Shropshire


I just got the the radio installed into the car and I can tell you with much enthusiasm, how happy I am with how it sounds. The instructions made installation a snap and the radio works beautifully and much more easily than I was expecting. 

The biggest thing that makes me happy, is that it doesn't look like I did anything to change the car, and that is very important to how I'm refurbishing it. 

Thank you again for the help and the great job you did. It was well worth it. 

Jimmy Bryant
United States

Excellent prompt service. Excellent product. 

Would definitely recommend.